Pro Contracts rides on a strong infrastructure, the key component of which is a highly trained and motiovated staff complement, driven to be the best in our industry.

Decidedly Client-Centric

Our approach is decidely client-centric, and this moves us to continually organise and innovate around the evolving needs of our client base.

Committed to Service Excellence

Our ongoing mission is to deliver exceptional service to the commercial and industrial building sectors in South Africa. To this end this we focus on staying at the forefront of technological and industry innovations, while growing and nurturing our team of experts who resonate with the company ethos of professionalism and service excellence.

Nurturing Supplier Networks

We have long-established industry relation and supplier networks and continue to nurture these relationships, realising that our supply networks also influence our ability to deliver a world class service.

We’re Big on Accountabilty

Accountability in all our client relationships is vital to us. To support the realisation of our clients’ needs we are committed to good governance and sound business principles.